You may Get These New Widgets in iOS 15


Widgets were a game-changer when Apple added them in iOS 14. These new additions turned the highly capable iPhone and iPad into productivity powerhouses.

A year later, Apple is expanding iOS again to include a handful of new iPhone and iPad widgets that let you find your devices, connect with your friends and family, and more.

To make it easier to use widgets, iOS 15 also includes a Smart Stack arrangement consisting of widgets from your favorite apps.

You can add or remove these suggested widgets as well as rearrange them right from the home screen.

  1. Find my widget – Use the Find My Widget to keep track of your friends, family, and personal items like your AirPods and AirTags right from the Home screen.
  2. Contacts widget The Contacts widget helps you stay connected with family and friends. You can call them, send a message to them or FaceTime there right from the home screen. If you use Family Sharing, you can even approve purchases or respond to screen time without leaving the home screen.
  3. Game Center widgets – Find out when your friends are playing and which games they prefer with the new Friends Are Playing widget. When you’re done with your friends, go to the Continue Playing widget to find a list of your recently played Game Center-enabled games. This list even works across devices, so you can watch both iPad and iPhone games.
  4. App Store widget Get updated with the latest stories, collections and events in the app from the Today tab with the App Store widget.
  5. Sleep Widget – Keep track of how well and how long you sleep with the new Sleep widget.
  6. Mail widget – Check one of your mailboxes and get a glimpse of your latest emails with the new Mail widget.

Do you use widgets in iOS? Share your favorites in the comments.