These New iPhone Options Will not Arrive Till iOS 15.1 (or Past)


Over the last few years, it’s become clearer that Apple’s big WWDC unveiling of new iOS and macOS releases is more about delivering an overall roadmap of what the company has in store for the entire big release cycle, rather than a list of features lands when the first version arrives in September.

We saw the first hint of this in iOS 10, which did not release the promised portrait mode for the shiny new dual-lens iPhone 7 Plus before iOS 10.1 arrived a few weeks later. This strategy was in full swing when the iOS 11 cycle began with a whole host of features unveiled at WWDC 2017 – such as Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2 – that actually didn’t show up until iOS 11.4 arrived well into the following spring .

Since then, it’s been pretty safe to assume that when Apple shows a new iOS feature on WWDC, it does not mean that it will come right away, and a careful reading of Apple’s iOS 15 Preview page shows that this year does not is no exception. Keep reading to browse 5+ features that Apple does not expect to have ready for iOS 15.0 in September.