These Apple Watch Clones Trace at What the New Sequence 7 Will Look Like



There is an old saying that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and while that may not always be true, it does not slow down Chinese manufacturers in their busy copying of the highly acclaimed new Apple Watch Series 7 design.

It actually looks to be a pretty exciting year for Apple Watch fans, as the laptop is about to be shaken for the first time this year, adopting a new flat-edged design that follows the aesthetics of the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro.

Technically, this will be the only major redesign Apple Watch has seen since it was originally launched in 2015. Although the Apple Watch grew in size with the 2018 Series 4, the overall style remained the same as its predecessors.

Recently, however, a leaked set of CAD images allegedly of the new Apple Watch Series 7 has caused a great deal of controversy, and Chinese companies are already trying to get ahead of the game by making cheap knockoffs that reflect the changes.

While some undoubtedly hope to trick unsuspecting shoppers into choosing a “discounted Apple Watch”, most people are probably just trying to leverage brand recognition in much the same way that they have mimicked the AirPods design for years.

On the upside, however, these new Apple Watch “clones” give us an interesting insight into what the true Apple Watch Series 7 might look like.

Photos shared by Majin Bu on Twitter show a wide range of colors and finishes similar to all the renderings we’ve seen in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7.

According to Majin Bu, they have replicated both the aluminum and stainless steel versions in several colors. Although rumors suggest that Apple will offer the right Series 7 in a few new colors that match its existing AirPods Max and iPad Air finish, it is fair to say that these clones do not reflect the right finishes.

While it’s interesting to get a more tangible idea of ​​what the Apple Watch Series 7 is going to look like, it’s safe to say that it’s going to look a lot better than these relatively inexpensive knock-offs, many of which are sold for as little as $ 60.

Most notably, these have clearly been produced both quickly and cheaply based on the leaky CAD drawings that make the rounds, thus lacking attention to detail that Apple usually puts into its products.

For example, the screens look particularly clumsy, like a piece of glass sitting over the case, rather than fitting in naturally like the current Apple Watch models.

Given the design of the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro, we expect the actual Apple Watch Series 7 to blend the screen into the case in a much more elegant way, especially since it is expected to have a new lamination technique that makes the screen thinner to get it to look like it is sitting on top of the glass, rather than hiding behind it.

Similarly, the Digital Crown sticks out like a sore thumb, with a larger gap between the dial and the side of the case than we would normally expect. Although the curved edges of the current Apple Watch design allow Digital Crown to blend more naturally, we still imagine that the real Series 7 will have a more streamlined look after this.

Although Apple unveiled the Apple Watch separately from the iPhone during last year’s release cycle, it was undoubtedly a result of the iPhone 12 being delayed until October amid supply chain challenges from the global health pandemic.

This year, we expect Apple to unveil the Apple Watch Series 7 at its upcoming iPhone launch event in September, as it has been doing every other year in the past. This means that we do not have to wait too long before we can open our eyes to the real thing.