Scorching dam! Beaver saves the day in Greene



A beaver has built a dam on a pond on Bull Run Road that Greene’s fire department uses to fill their tankers. Because of the beaver, a $ 4,000 engineering repair is no longer required as the water level is now high enough to use the fire hydrant. Photo courtesy Greene Fire Chief John Soucy

Do you think someone makes a fire helmet that fits a semi-aquatic rodent? Because as far as the Greene Fire Department goes, there’s a certain beaver along Bull Run Road that deserves a place on the list.

The department’s fire pond was recently upgraded and city taxpayers potentially saved thousands of dollars when a beaver built a dam in the right place at the right time.

Who needs a crew of engineers when you’ve got buck teeth and a long, flat tail?

“A few years ago we found that the water level in the fire pond on Bull Run Road was very low and even so high that the hydrant was out of order,” explains Greene Fire Chief John Soucy. “We thought it was due to the drought and the water level never had a chance to recover. Last spring we found that the overflow was so badly eroded that the pond level could not rise. “

For years, the department has been using the pond to transport water to areas where there are no hydrants. The pond water is an essential part of the department’s fire brigade operations in rural areas. With this in mind, the fire fighters grumpily tried to figure out what they needed to prop up the eroded overflow and make the pond sniffle.

The fire pond on Bull Run Road in Greene did not have enough water to use the hydrant to fill the Greene Fire Department’s tanker. After a beaver builds a dam on the pond, the water level is high enough to use the hydrant. A technical solution that could have cost the city $ 4,000 is no longer required. Photo courtesy Greene Fire Chief John Soucy

According to some estimates, repairs would have cost up to $ 4,000. But that was before the nameless beaver, a member of a species best known for their dam building skills, went to work for free.

“We recently started making plans to fix the problem,” said Soucy, “but noticed that the pond level had suddenly risen, and when we looked more closely, we found that a beaver had built a dam on the overflow to raise the water. ”to the point where the hydrant is now in operation. The beaver saved the City of Greene thousands of dollars on repairing the fire pond. “

The hero Beaver has yet to be spotted in action, but there are indications that his work in the service of the fire department will continue.

“He currently maintains this dam,” Soucy said, “and the department’s plans to repair the overflow have been canceled.”

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