Right here Are the U.S. States With Journey Restrictions


In addition to the pre-travel test required to avoid quarantine, the County of Hawaii will randomly select at least 25 percent of travelers for a free second test at the airport, and the visitor must stay at the airport until they wait for the result 30 minutes. Travelers between counties must either get a negative test in the 72 hours prior to their arrival or be quarantined for at least three days. At this point they can be tested and can move about freely if negative. In Maui County, people from other parts of the state are required to present a negative test 72 hours prior to leaving for Maui County to avoid quarantine. The county also encourages visitors to take a free voluntary test 72 hours after they arrive. There are also additional restrictions on travel between counties.

The island of Kauai requires a mandatory 10-day quarantine, regardless of preflight testing. However, the period can be shortened by a “resort bubble” policy that allows travelers to certain hotels to move around the premises and get a virus test on the third day after the trip. If the test is negative, the visitor is released from quarantine.

There were no statewide restrictions in Idaho until Jan. 12.

As of January 12, there were no statewide restrictions in Illinois. However, as part of an emergency travel assignment, Chicago implemented a color-coded system based on virus levels in other states. A two-tier system will replace a three-tier system on January 15th.

As of Friday, travelers from 49 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico will fall under an “orange” notice, which means they will be asked to avoid travel. However, anyone visiting for non-essential reasons must either be quarantined for 10 days or have a negative result of a Covid-19 test carried out within 72 hours of their arrival. A copy of the result should be kept in Chicago. (Students who commute regularly are covered by the essential worker rules.)

Those from the only “yellow” state, Hawaii, are still barred from visiting, but can enter without restriction.

Until January 15, visitors from Alaska, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming have the opportunity to take pre-test testing Hawaii and Vermont have no restrictions. Travelers from all other countries must be quarantined.


Jan. 14, 2021, 5:34 p.m. ET

The list is updated every second Tuesday. The next update is expected on January 26th.

As of January 12, there were no statewide restrictions in Indiana.