NYC Democratic mayoral candidate Eric Adams desires to curb gun violence


New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Eric Adams told CNBC that dealing with the increase in gun violence in the US means addressing the country’s gun crisis.

“We have ignored the handgun crisis, which is mostly affecting black, brown and poor communities,” said the Brooklyn district president. “We have been tracking the offensive weapons, but we have not dealt with the small arms. That was a big mistake.

To stop the movement of handguns, Adams told The News with Shepard Smith that law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and city levels must work together to share information and rule out illegal arms dealers and gangs.

Following his own advice on Monday, Adams met with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) to speak out against gun violence amid the increase in shootings in New York City. Legislators have tabled a bipartisan law to combat the illegal transfer of arms across national borders.

There were 803 shootings in New York City that year, and according to the latest NYPD data, they are up 28.9% citywide from 2020.

Adams told host Shepard Smith that if he becomes mayor, his first day will be to focus on communities that have normalized lawlessness and work to improve the quality of life for residents there.

“We’re going to use precision police, target these gang members and really work with our local district attorneys so that we can’t see this revolving door criminal justice system where people commit crimes with guns and they’re out the next day that’s just unacceptable and harmful the quality of life in our city really, “said Adams.