New Physique Digital camera Footage Reveals George Floyd Handcuffed on the Avenue


George Floyd is handcuffed and seated on the street near a Chinese restaurant in new body cameras shown to jury members in the Derek Chauvin trial on Tuesday. He gives his name and date of birth to one of the first cops to arrive at Cup Foods after an employee called to report that Mr. Floyd used a fake $ 20 bill to buy cigarettes.

The footage was taken from the body camera of Peter Chang, a Minneapolis Park police officer who arrived to assist the two rookie officers who first responded to the scene before Mr. Chauvin and his partner arrived. Officer Chang’s testimony was the first on trial from an officer who responded to the incident before Mr. Floyd died.

The new footage was shown on the first day of testimony by Eric J. Nelson, Derek Chauvin’s attorney, and provided a fresh look at what happened that day, primarily from the perspective of two of Mr. Floyd’s companions: Morries and Lester Hall Shawanda Hill. When the officers fought with Mr. Floyd across the street, Mr. Chang stayed behind and watched Mr. Hall and Mrs. Hill, who seemed to have no idea of ​​the gravity of the incident.

The video shows Mr. Chang telling Mr. Floyd’s friends that if they don’t have warrants for their arrest, they can leave “when all of this is cleared up”. At one point, apparently after Mr Floyd was taken away in the ambulance, Mr Hall and Mrs Hill were told that their friend had been taken to the hospital. “What happened to him?” Ms. Hill asked desperately.

During Mr. Chang’s testimony before the body camera video was shown, Mr. Nelson asked about one of the key points in his defense: that the group of vocal bystanders that gathered around the officers as they fought with Mr. Floyd on the ground , became increasingly angry and posed a threat to the officers. “They were very aggressive,” agreed Mr. Chang.

After cross-examination by Matthew Frank, a prosecutor, Mr. Chang appeared to be undermining the defense’s position on the angry crowd. Mr. Chang said while staying across the street to watch Mr. Floyd’s friends, he assumed that the officers fighting Mr. Floyd were in control and said they had not asked for help.

He also said that when he arrived at the scene, Mr Floyd was peaceful and responsive to officials, another point the state raised in its cross-examination, an attempt to highlight that officials had already subdued Mr Floyd – and were driving home her argument to the jury that violence was no longer necessary to arrest him.