Meet a “Reel” Zillionaire at ICAST


New design concepts are the culmination of Zillion’s longevity and innovation. The Hyper Drive Design consists of four new elements: Hyper Armed Housing, Hyper Drive Digigear, Hyper Double Support Pinion and Hyper Tough Clutch. Hyperdrive Digigear is a new gear design that makes the power transmission through the teeth of the gears more efficient, which makes the gear set feel smoother and more powerful, and also reduces gear noise. The reel also features a Hyper Armed Housing, aluminum frame and side plate for maximum rigidity and precision performance of the internal components. Hyper Double Support is a double-bearing support system for the pulley’s pinion, which means no lateral movement and extremely smooth rotation and recovery of the gear. In addition, the Hyper Tough Clutch is a redesigned and reinforced clutch mechanism that increases durability and performance. These properties make the new Zillion SV TW a top example of design, function and innovation.

“First of all, the Zillion SV TW has a new Hyper Drive transmission system. What we’re using is a different cut, a different angle tooth pattern that allows more metal to touch each gear at the same time. This allows us to transfer power and torque more efficiently and the angle and shape of the gear teeth make for super smooth rotation. The result is very fluid and almost feels like there are no gears in the reel. The smoother you can make the rotation, the longer the gears will live and work well together. It also helps, because with a fluid, almost airy feeling, you can feel the bait better and what the fish are doing. It keeps your mind more focused on your bait and fishing, ”adds Mills.

It should also be noted that Daiwa uses brass gears on the Zillion SV TW. In the US market, anglers fish larger baits and catch much larger perch than the standard reel caught in the JDM market.

In addition to the Hyper Drive transmission, Daiwa is also proud to introduce a new braking system called the SV Booster System in the Zillion SV TW. “In the past we had our standard SV system – Tatula’s one – which is a single stage drag system that really helps you cast smaller and larger baits with less play (and has been extremely successful and popular). The SV Booster System is a two-stage braking system that gives the angler control and stress-free casts without play, but also offers 10 to 15% more distance for your casts. To that end, we added our G1 aluminum reel, a much thinner, lighter weight reel that really reduces the inertia of the reel and allows for better casting of lighter baits, ”says Mills.

He adds: “We also have our T-Wing system, the G1 aluminum spool, the SV booster system and our Zero Adjust. It gives us a complete braking technology system that is unlike anything on the market. There are so many layers working together which makes it a special shallow baitcaster that is really different from anything anglers have fished. “

Daiwa’s revolutionary T-Wing System addresses the problem of traditional guidance / level wind systems that restrict line flow by providing a T-shaped line guide that is larger, wider and less restrictive. TWS allows the line to exit freely from the spoon with minimal line angle and greatly reduced friction, reducing string noise and play and enabling more accurate and longer casts.

The role was also developed for maximum handiness. The Magforce dial is under the roller so you won’t feel it touch the palm of your hand. There is also a large hood above the T-Wing system, which allows the thumb to rest comfortably on the roller. And on the handle side of the reel, Daiwa relied on a 90 mm handle deflection and larger handle knobs. And in terms of total weight, all Zillions come in at a light and comfortable weight of 6.7 ounces.

The reel is available for right and left handers in three different gear ratios: 6.3: 1, 7.1: 1 and 8.5: 1.

For freshwater anglers looking for their next premium precision baitcasting reel, you’ve come to the right place with the Zillion SV TW, a reel designed with advanced technology and made from the best and most durable materials.

MSRP $ 349.99

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