Kim Potter, Minnesota Police Officer Who Shot Daunte Wright, Resigns


Kim Potter, the policewoman in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, who fatally shot Daunte Wright on Sunday, has resigned from the police department, her union said in a statement on Tuesday.

The city’s chief of police, Tim Gannon, also announced that he would be leaving.

In a letter Ms. Potter sent to city officials on Tuesday, she said she would resign immediately, the union said.

“I have loved every minute as a police officer and have served this community to the best of my ability, but I believe it is in the best interests of the community, the department and my colleagues if I resign immediately,” she wrote.

The Law Enforcement Labor Services union represents more than 6,400 members across Minnesota.

Ms. Potter, 48, was a Brooklyn Center Police Department officer for 26 years. She was first admitted as a police officer in Minnesota in 1995 and graduated from Saint Mary’s College in Winona, Minnesota in 1994 with a major in criminal justice, school officials said.

Until her resignation, she had been placed on administrative leave within the department after shooting and killing Mr. Wright, 20. In a press conference Monday, Chief Gannon said he believed she watched Ms. Potter’s body camera video that she was going to use a taser on Mr. Wright and instead drew her gun and killed him.