Final Information to El Salto and Picachos Now Accessible



Hanna Robbins of Virginia took her husband, Bassmaster Senior Writer Pete Robbins, to the Anglers Inn property on famous Lake El Salto in Mexico for his 40th birthday in 2009, and it has later become her favorite vacation spot. The couple have built on this extensive experience to put together the “Ultimate Guide to El Salto and Picachos,” which aims to help fellow travelers maximize their trip to the world-class perch fisheries, whether they have been there for the first time or already were there once.

The guide is available for free on their website:

“Anglers Inn does such an incredible job of making everyone feel welcome and valued,” said Hanna. “You could go there unseen and have a great vacation, but with a little extra preparation you can take it to the next level. We wanted to have all the information that every traveler needs in one place. “

The guide provides travel tips, including packing and navigating around Mazatlán Airport, as well as equipment recommendations, travel reports, and other “travel hacks” that will help improve visitor fishing and make traveling cheaper and easier when possible.

“As we took more and more friends downstairs, we got the same questions,” said Pete. “They wanted to know which bait to bring, what type of line to use, and which guide is the best. We set out to answer all of these questions and more. We’re not sponsored by any particular device manufacturer, so we can tell you what worked for us and why we recommend it. “

The site is updated with new information almost weekly. The couple also write about travel in general at, with an emphasis on popular destinations such as Alaska, Panama, Brazil, and Guatemala. Hanna often focuses on topics specific to female travelers or would-be travelers.

“A trip to Mexico was one of the greatest experiences of our life,” she said. “I can’t imagine staying longer than a few months without going back to El Salto or Picachos. Every angler owes it to himself to try it out. “

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