Challenge CHIP Will Revolutionize Sensible Properties (6 Issues to Look ahead to in 2021)



The smart home world is getting a major upgrade, all thanks to Project CHIP or Connected Home Over IP (recently renamed as Matter).

If you’ve been creating some smart devices in the last decade or so, you’ve probably noticed that compatibility is a bit of an issue. Devices with older standards like Zigbee are not supported by newer hubs, so you should always be aware of which voice assistants work with which devices – and brands do not always build their smart devices to “talk” to other platforms, which means you often end up with juggling several different apps to get home automation where you need it.

That’s changing, and it’s starting to change a lot faster with Project CHIP (Matter), a joint effort by Apple, Amazon, and Google to clean up this smart home mess once and for all.

CHIP is designed to be a standard for smart home devices to communicate with each other no matter who makes them (yes, even older standards like Zigbee are supported) thanks to clear protocols for Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi and wired communication standard for devices with low bandwidth.

We could start seeing the first CHIP units already this year! While CHIP partners keep quiet about which specific manufacturers are participating, reports are displayed about which devices are being set up. Keep reading to see what you can expect to show sporting CHIP certification in the coming year.