A Full Voter’s Information to the California Recall Election of Governor Newsom


Among the individual campaigns with the most cash, those who donated the maximum to Mr. Elder largely reflect the wider funding of the recall, with significant contributions from Conservative and Trump-supportive Republicans. Mr Faulconer’s top donors include more moderate Republicans like William Oberndorf, a large GOP donor who opposed Mr Trump’s election, and a variety of business interests. Mr. Cox, a Republican who lost to Mr. Newsom in 2018, largely self-funded his campaign.

The recall opposition is funded mostly from established interests and Democrats. For example, Netflix founder Reed Hastings donated $ 3 million to defend Mr. Newsom. Show business and Silicon Valley have made massive donations to counter the recall. Workers’ groups – unions for teachers, prison guards, health workers and other civil servants – have made large donations. Likewise, state tribal organizations and large corporate groups such as the California Association of Realtors and Chambers of Commerce. All donations to substitute candidates combined are still less than the governor’s war chest.

The Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Mercury News, The San Francisco Chronicle and The Sacramento Bee have urged voters to vote no to the recall, arguing that it would be a waste of money at around $ 276 million or that the time to vote for or against the governor would be next year if he runs for re-election.

The Orange County Register, which is traditionally a center right opinion page, recommends a yes vote and supports Mr. Elder in an editorial picked up by some of the suburban newspapers owned by several suburban newspapers in Southern California.

The Bakersfield Californian recommends a yes vote and supports Mr. Faulconer.

At california.ballottrax.net/voter you can track when your voting slip is sent, received and counted by post.

Here is an expanded explanation. Here is the California Secretary of State’s guide to the recall.

Here is a guide from the non-profit, bipartisan news site CalMatters on Governor Newsom’s records. And here is an ongoing debate between Mr. Paffrath, Mr. Cox, Mr. Kiley, and Mr. Faulconer.

Here are CalMatters interviews with Mr. Elder, Mr. Kiley, Mr. Cox, and Mr. Paffrath; a Fox News interview with Caitlyn Jenner; and an interview that Mr. Faulconer gave to The Sacramento Bee.