6 Summer season Actions That Will Make The Outside Enjoyable For Your Youngsters – Mother Life Weekly



Your kids seem glued to their iPads and definitely enjoy a little too much screen time – and now that summer is here, you’d rather see them playing outside than sitting indoors next to their smart gadgets. If you are missing ideas on how to get your kids excited about the backyard, park or garden, check out our list of super fun activities designed to make kids enjoy nature!

6. Pebble decoration

Image source: blog.hobbycraft.co.uk

Your kids love to color, draw or paint, and although you love their creative sides and will definitely encourage their imaginative expression, you are concerned about the time they spend indoors. Well, there is a way to easily combine your children’s love of art with the need to spend more time outdoors: decorating pebbles! Bring your sharp, sparkling pens, chalk and other similar art supplies in the backyard, encourage your kids to go in search of the perfect smooth stones and let them enjoy a creative outdoor workshop!