2021 Outside Information Huntin’ Buddy Photograph Contest Gallery


Outdoor News Inc., publisher of locally-written outdoor fishing and hunting newspapers in seven Great Lake States, partnered with Kinetic Performance Dog Food to invite people to submit photos for the annual Huntin ‘Buddy Photo Contest. Congratulations to: Paul Muche from Van Dyne, WI as winner of the 2020 Grand Prize!


Outdoor News’ annual promotion encourages bird dog enthusiasts to submit a photo of their hunting dog for the chance to receive a year’s supply of Kinetic Performance dog food. As a presenting sponsor, Kinetic Performance Dog Food will also ensure that the winning photo is converted into a custom painting by outdoor news artist Ron Nelson.

Check out the sponsors of this competition.

Kinetic Performance dog food https://kineticdogfood.com/

Hawke Optics https://www.outdoornews.com/2021/05/17/huntin-buddy-prize-hawke-frontier-hd-x-8haben32-fernglas/

SportDOG brand https://www.outdoornews.com/2021/05/17/2021-outdoor-news-huntin-buddy-online-photo-contest-runner-up-prize/

sportdog_prize /


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