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One of the common phrases around fame is that celebrities are frozen at the age they became famous. From their iconic roles on screen to their number one songs, it’s easy to believe that time will never catch up with these famous faces. Aging is inevitable even if you are a celebrity. While time did most of our favorite stars well, there are others who have not aged so gracefully. Here are some famous faces that are almost unrecognizable to us now.

Brigitte Bardot

Image source: www.stylegoop.com

In 1952, Bridgitte Bardot debuted in the film Crazy for Love. Her success came when she was just a teenager after staring at the film. The blonde beauty received international attention and quickly made her way to Hollywood. It seems that life in the spotlight was not how Bardot would live the rest of his life. The gender symbol of the 50s and 60s had a passion for animals. She has spent most of her time being an animal welfare activist. In 2019, she published a memoir entitled Tears of Battle: An Animal Rights Memoir to document her work.

Image source: www.stylegoop.com